Fiat Tofaş Complete Underbody Welding Line
Fiat Tofaş Paintshop Conveyor Lines and Elevators Project
Ford Sollers B515/B299 BodySide, Underbody and Front End
Ford Otosan B460 Closures Lines
Ford Otosan B460 Paintshop Sealer automation, material supply and manual sealer
Ford Otosan B460 Glazing Cell Project
Ford Sollers B515/B299 Final Assembly Manipulators
Ford Otosan V363 Paintshop Robot Programming
Ford Sollers Elabuga U502 / C520 / V363 Final Assembly Manipulators
Hyundai Assan Assembly Plant – Butyl Application at Closures Line
IzhAvto Glazing Cells
Skoda GAZ Glazing Cell
VW Kaluga Glazing cell
Yıldız Kalıp 2K Sealing System
Obara France Installation of Welding Equipment at Volvo Truck Kaluga Plant