Comprehensive services for our clients:

Based on our experience in development and producing of complete line production, we created proved and practiced standardized products and technologies for your task settings.

Our services include:
  • Vision Systems
  • Marking / Punching (VIN marking)
  • Conveying Engineering
  • Laser Technology
  • Roller-hemming Technology
  • Welding and Joining Technology
  • Glue Technology
  • Manipulators
  • To fulfill and adapt our solutions, we consider your individual requests and desires and use our knowledg to generate novel approach to our clients.
With our standardized components, we ensure rapid implementation and realization of an efficient, practical solution in your production system. Our specialists, who are trained in technology, guarantee to give the best technical support available worldwide by the help of the effective network between our branches. We are continuously developing new processes and product/system solutions in our laboratories and we are also validating them. We bring you a step away, not only with our original material production but also with being a supplier and contractor.