One of our core competences

In the field of gluing technology, we provide all possible partial or complete solutions and turn-key projects. Everything about automotive industry – from minor parts like disk or cockpit/DVD cell to subsequent cell lines and application of gluing substance manually or automatically at paint shop to complete the cell – all belongs to our service areas. In our service portfolio we have a special area (paint shop) where we have 1000 liter / 300 Gallon single or double pump cylinder supporting pressure stations / fuel spraying pumps cabling systems (and related actuator /sensor and operation system). Gluing systems:

  • 1K and 2K body shop
  • 1K and 2K polyurethane – usually used in the final assembly
  • 2K (1K polyurethane + booster)
  • Sealing equipment in the paint shop
  • Hot-melt glue
Services in gluing technology:
  • Development of the logistic system (adhesive/sealant materials)
  • Tests in gluing processes
  • Planning support and performance specifications
  • Simulation / Feasibility Analysis / Process Planning
  • Logistic spectrum (including logistics and custom clearance) up to service and maintenance of the installed equipment and systems
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Optimization in the process of gluing during the production (coordination in working process adhesive installation in accordance with robots and robot programming)